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Jackie Dister, Sophomore

Jackie Dister, Sophomore

Jackie Dister is a sophomore playing extremely well on the girls varsity volleyball team. Even though she is an underclassman, Jackie is always excited to play and improve.

Lancer Link: Why do you like volleyball so much?

Jackie Dister: I like volleyball because it’s a really good mental sport. It’s all about skill and fast reactions.

LL: How do you think volleyball will be a part of your future?

JD: It would be nice to get a scholarship. Just even a part scholarship. I love to play it so it would be great to play in college.

LL: Who’s the biggest competition this year?

JD: This year I think its LCC. LCC has got some really tough outside and middle hitters.

LL: How do you feel playing with the seniors?

JD: At first I was a little intimidated especially at tryouts but they’re all super nice so I have a lot of fun with them and they’re all supportive.

LL: How often do you guys practice?

JD: We practice everyday excluding weekends from 5-7 except when we have games.

LL: What keeps you going during gruesome practices?

JD: I want to be there for my team and I want to get better for sure. Plus, the coaches know what they’re doing.

LL: Does volleyball affect how well you do in school?

JD: It’s definitely tough to get the homework done everyday but somehow I do it. It’s tough when you get home and you have like four hours of homework left, but everyone has to deal with stuff like that.

LL: Do you have anyone you look up to that’s an athlete or any inspiration from someone?

JD: Well, probably my coaches because they play at a very high level.

LL: What is the most rewarding feeling when you’re on the court?

 JD: It’s definitely when were playing a really hard team and one of our defensive players gets a great dig and I put up a really nice set and then one of our hitters hits it straight down. It’s really cool.

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